Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy:

Essential Components in Functional Recovery

Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy: Essential Components in Functional Recovery

Nervous_system_organization Figure 1: Simplified scheme of basic nervous system function: signals are picked up by sensory receptors and sent to the spinal cord and brain, where processing occurs that results in signals which get sent back to the spinal cord and then out to motor neurons.

The human body consists of several complex functional systems encompassing the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and bones and muscles, among others. The damage of one of these units can cause the whole system to fail.

After Spinal Cord Injury, for example, degeneration of muscles, bones and even areas in the brain can occur. Whilst stem cells can now be used by physicians to stimulate the repair mechanisms of the damaged spinal cord, re-training of the whole functional system is essential to regain previous functional capabilities. This is the focus of modern rehabilitation treatments and physiotherapies. By challenging the whole body, from brain to muscle, it can be prompted to grow new nerves, improve nerve conductivity and connectivity, induce better neuro-muscular interaction, muscle strength and coordination.

ANOVA and SPOREG: Advanced Treatment and Rehabilitation

At ANOVA we have teamed up with the professionals from SPOREG, a leading center for rehabilitation and physiotherapy, who provide premium services both for patients and professional athletes. Since 1980, they have specialised in solutions for health problems such as the recovery of exercise capacity after sports and accidental injuries.

Their experience is based on the treatment of more than 1,800 top professional athletes, while at the same time sharing their valuable obtained knowledge with the whole team to provide patients with the best possible services. In fact, most of Germany’s football stars and Olympic athletes have at some point in their career trained at SPOREG.

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